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The Gloucestershire Echo

“ROSANNA Ter-Berg’s amazing flute wizardry compared favourably with Harry Potter’s wand-waving magic. In a bewitching red gown she lured us like a siren into a world of new sounds with extended contemporary techniques. Flutter-tonguing, air-notes, multi-phonics and tongue snaps created a new dimension. Performing technically challenging modern compositions with ease, Rosanna and interpretative, trustworthy piano partner Leo Nicholson hypnotised the audience. Frank Martin’s Ballade For Flute And Piano built mini-climaxes through contrasting tempos, volume and a centrally-placed broodingly beautiful flute solo. Technical explorations in Edwin Roxburgh’s Flute Music With Accompaniment produced new textures. Skilful simultaneous entries after repeated long pauses and syncopated exchanges showed the remarkable rapport between the duo. Sparkling with mischief, Patrick Nunn’s Sprite for solo piccolo ended with a repeating motif in trill-like fashion displaying amazing breath control as Rosanna circumnavigated the piano and moved off-stage still playing. Mike Mower’s Scree from Sonata No 3 swung with jazzy rhythms, piano glissandos and continuous use of the flute’s higher register. The music slipped, slid and tumbled concluding an evening of fascination and enchantment.”