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“Flautist Rosanna Ter-Berg in many ways stole the evening. She produced a full and fruity sound without losing the instrument’s silvery quality and played with unstinting virtuosity and personality. André Jolivet’s Chant de Linos (1944) found Ter-Berg’s flute seducing us. She unerringly caught the volatile mood-swings, brought off with devilish bravado. If the term avant-garde still has any currency, then it came to mind during Edwin Roxburgh’s Flute Music with an Accompaniment (1986), populated by note-bending, harmonics and flutter-tonguing. This is music of heightened expression and rapidity, sometimes nightmarish, but also engaging in its unpredictability, for limpid lyricism blossomed later. It was a pleasure to hear the elegant craftsmanship of David Matthews in his Duet Variations (1982), beginning from deep in the forest, suggestive of cool breezes, restlessness turning to impishness and a witty pay-off. In all of these pieces, Leo Nicholson accompanied with assurance and sensitivity, always part of the picture and never tilting the balance his way, although at times he couldn’t quite match the presence and personality of Ter-Berg. She ended her contribution with an unaccompanied piece for piccolo, Patrick Nunn’s Sprite (1998) that found her walking away twittering agilely – and very nearly was not seen again. Once again, PLG has introduced us to some outstanding young musicians and to worthwhile music that otherwise might not come our way.” ****