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“In the first half, Ter-Berg and Nicholson played André Jolivet’s Chant de Linos, a 1944 examination piece for the Paris Conservatoire, and Flute Music with an Accompaniment by Edwin Roxburgh. Both pieces were stretching in the extreme, but delivered with a remarkable lightness of touch. Jolivet’s complex, post-Debussian study required enormous technical control, flitting capriciously between registers and tonal colours. Roxburgh’s piece (whose apparently plain title is in fact a quotation from a Robert Browning poem) asked perhaps even more of Ter-Berg, deploying techniques such as flutter-tonguing and note-bending and exploring the flute’s extreme high register. The technical ease and exemplary, calm musicianship of both Ter-Berg and Nicholson made a walk in the park of these demanding works… Ter-Berg and Nicholson had returned for David Matthews’ Duet Variations and Patrick Nunn’s piccolo solo Sprite. Matthews’ Variations are an attractive set which sounded very intricately composed, but retained a certain looseness. They provided Ter-Berg with another opportunity to exhibition her excellent command of tone, and Nicholson accompanied again with subtlety and humour. Sprite is an enchanting, rapid showpiece which drew a lively audience response.

All the pieces were performed with brilliant technical flair, and a real sense of ease with the complex material. This was a wonderful celebration of these emerging performers, who will all be well worth following in the coming months.” ****