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Past Events

13th September 2014

Venue: The Forge 8pm

Fri, 15 August 2014

Rosanna Ter-Berg – Flutes
Rachel Hayter – Flutes
Gaio de Lima – Percussion
Brian Taylor – Zabumba
Guy Schalom – Percussion




A Oca is an exciting music project which explores the rhythms, melodies and dances from the Amazonian and Northern Brazil using traditional instruments.
Expect music in its purest form: bamboo pifano flutes and a healthy dose of Brazilian percussion – this is a traditional orchestration and yet contains such a powerful sound – dancing is an absolute must!

Taking this essence of community and the power of simplicity, A Oca will bring you the sounds of the Amazon jungle and the beauty of Northeastern Brazil: rhythms such us baiao, forro, maracatu and coco, which will make you dance and move instinctively. A Oca will stimulate you to transcend the primitive essences of your soul using music and dance as a tool – and all that in the corner of London!